Есть у меня небольшое хобби: рассказывать самому себе анекдоты на английском языке. Таким образом они либо становятся смешнее, либо превращаются в полный абсурд и бессмыслицу.

Once, the man comes to an urologist, complaining about pain during urination. Doctor makes a quick survey, paint one of the man`s testicles with iodine, and send him to a surgeon with a note, that he has quickly written. Surgeon has read the note with a hems. "Please, take your pants down" he said. He quickly paint the second testicle with a brilliant green and add a string to a note. "Here you go, please, go back to an urologist now" - surgeon said, giving the note back. The man quits surgeon`s cabinet to hallway confused, and decide to take a peek to the note. It says:
-Jesus Christ has risen!
-The truly risen, indeed!
Happy Easter!